With ClickLearn you can create any type of process documentation of your vital business systems for the end-users, without the need for extensive manual writing and editing skills. ClickLearn offers a simple two step process:

1. Record, and go through the process in your system

ClickLearn will record the session - but unlike normal video recorders like Camtasia, etc. - ClickLearn actually records what you are doing, and is able to play-back the process. That means you can create documentation for many languages in a single session, and automatically update your documentation when the system changes.

2. Produce

ClickLearn now turns the recorded session into:

  1. A Word and PDF Document, that shows the entire process step-by-step with written instructions as well as perfectly cut-out snapshots of the screen
  2. A PowerPoint Presentation with a full screenshot of every step in the process, for use in class-room or e-learning situations
  3. A Windows Video (AVI) that can play-back on almost any device, with automated text-to-speech engine
  4. A Flash Video, that can be embedded in a HTML Web page, or uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  5. A Silverlight Video, that also can be embedded into a HTML Web Page. The Silverlight Videos can als be made interactive for e-learning purposes

Click on the links in the Product Overview, to read more about the features of the modules that make up ClickLearn

Click to view the ClickLearn generated documents for this process

Word PDF PowerPoint

This process has been recorded and produced with ClickLearn. The voice narration in this video uses the standard voice that is included in Windows 7. ClickLearn is able to use any voice that is compliant with SAPI (Speech Application programming Interface). Commercial voices are available that will give you an almost human-like narration for your e-learning videos.

It took less than 15 minutes to record and produce the materials in this demo process, and the outcome is:

  1. A portal Webpage with links to the various materials and a HTML-based step-by-step guide
  2. A 4-page Word and PDF document with step-by-step instructions
  3. 20 jpg thumbnails pictures of each step
  4. A 20-slide PowerPoint presentation containing a full screen view of every step of the process
  5. 2:47 min. Video files, that explains the business process, with computer generated voice narration. The Video files was produced in 3 formats:
    1. Windows Media Video
    2. Adobe Flash Video
    3. Microsoft Silverlight Video